What is Digital Security

Digital Security: protecting your business

Digital security exists to detect and fix threats that could endanger an organization’s digital environment and should be part of the strategies of the entire business model to keep it safe from data leakage and cyberattacks that could jeopardize organizational continuity. 


Especially in the current scenario, with the expansion of remote work and widespread reliance on solutions for virtual meetings, bringing the trend of use of personal devices and virtual private networks, there is an increase in digital threats in companies around the world, requiring agile security solutions to address constantly evolving cyberthreats. 



The security market evolves quickly, and the protection of the organizational environment needs to keep up with this transformation

Need for security governance, aligning objectives and strategies - both business and cyber protection

Employees conscious and prepared for the success of protection, through educational programs that lead to engagement

Security and privacy program through evaluation and implementation of regulatory procedures

Create conditions for working from home, a new reality for most companies, to develop under the right and secure conditions

It is critical that CISOs understand emerging cybersecurity trends, assessing their potential impacts so that they can create a resilient, future-ready organization.

Gartner, consulting firm

Latin America is expected to grow by 12% in information security in 2020, compared to the same performance last year.

IDC Brazil, consulting firm

The pandemic has taken several companies by surprise. Many were not prepared to manage remote work, and their employees did not have a basic layer of security to securely access corporate systems or information.

Joaquim Campos, VP da IBM


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Innovative Technologies

Innovative and intelligent technologies for digital security

Complete and integrated solutions to 100% shield your digital environment, with full monitoring to identify and fix vulnerabilities. Analyze and bring down digital threats, making your infrastructure, applications, and data properly protected, with the adoption of all the technological potential that allows greater use of intelligent and planned automation according to the needs of your company.

AI and Machine Learning

used to develop threat detection tools.

Cognitive intelligence

uses data to understand occurrence patterns.


powerful component in responding to cyber incidents, due to speed and sophistication.


allowing more accurate and agile monitoring of the environment to the manager.

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How we help

How we help our customer protect their environment

Working with the latest features focused on digital security, Compasso UOL offers greater protection, avoiding failures that jeopardize the operation of your company's systems and data traffic.

Security and Vulnerability Analysis

Defense strategies for infrastructure and applications, based on monitoring the environment, identifying vulnerabilities, and fixing them quickly.

Privilege Management

Avoids impact on your security through continuous monitoring and proactive actions to minimize and block vulnerabilities. Incidents are handled with the support of AI and Machine Learning, enhancing digital protection.

Information Protection and Systems

We identify and act promptly in digital incidents, offering effective and agile solutions that will ensure the integrity of your organization's strategic data.

Intelligent Event Management

Based on event analysis (EPS) we have developed a customized security solution that meets the needs of each company, using technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Cognitive Intelligence. Combining the investigation of Commitment Indicators (IOC) with inferences of Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) used in digital attacks, it is possible to perform a wide vulnerability analysis.

Safe Development

Development and maintenance of a development cycle with the prerequisites to increase resilience, avoiding cyberattacks, and meeting the expectations of Security & Privacy by Design and Security & Privacy by Default. Using DevSecOps we offer agility in the development process, without renouncing encryption - critical to data protection - and the development of professionals to keep permanent updating.


Compasso UOL Solutions

Vulnerability Scan

Identifies critical vulnerabilities in web applications, databases, servers, and network devices, directing remediation effort to fixed assets and creating continuous security management.

Mapping is done through scans on IP addresses or URLs, alerting you to possible failures.

Continuous service, with delivery of analysis and detailed reports on all threats of the environment, acting intelligently and quickly.


Service for the software development pipeline, from its architecture (Security by Design).

Highly skilled labor allocation to collaborate in building secure applications.


One of the safest ways to identify security flaws in enterprise systems and networks.

Use of appropriate techniques and tools for identifying vulnerabilities.

After identification, actions are proposed to correct the problems to ensure the necessary digital security.

SSL Certificate

Protects the communication of a web application with its users.

Preventing trafficked data from being copied by a third party.

Protects against attacks such as man-in-the-the-middle.


Solution focused on the analysis of events generated by IT elements: firewall, applications, servers, switches, routers, hardware for information security, notebooks, etc.

Preventive action in the identification of attacks, informing the occurrence of the threat, considering the business rules of the company.

Rapid incident response and risk management support, using machine learning and artificial intelligence, allowing operational cost reduction.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Based on the cloud, DRaaS replicates systems, data, and servers - both physical and virtual - in a secure, digital environment.

Ensures the ability of a company to operate even after incidents that compromise the use of its data.

Backup as a Service

Data backup system, BaaS is performed in real time in a cloud computing environment.

Protects important information in case of failures or falls in the corporate system, allowing the data to be accessed via the Internet.

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